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Ruzhou implements green lights program      2012-08-28

Ruzhou utilizes comprehensive methods to consume straw      2012-08-27
Three villages in Qiling town of Ruzhou have signed a partnership agreement with Qishi Energy Co. Ltd. They will cooperate to build a factory to condense straw to make fertilizer.

Ruzhou accomplishes summer grain procurement      2012-08-27
Ruzhou has purchased over 58,000 tons of wheat at the minimum purchase price. Ruzhou's six grain-collection and storage enterprises with rights to procure at the minimum price have filled up their storage capacity.

Ruzhou wins award as National Model City for Renewable Energy Building Application      2012-08-21
Ruzhou was recently granted the title of 2012 National Model City for Renewable Energy Building Application by the Ministry of Finance and Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development of China. The recognition is a state-level award in the field of building energy conservation.

Mechanical corn harvesting exhibition held in Ruzhou      2012-08-20
The mechanical corn harvesting exhibition of 2012 was held by the Ruzhou municipal agricultural machinery bureau in Guaili village in Gulou on August 9.

Supervision group from Pingdingshan visits Ruzhou commodity price office      2012-08-16
A supervision group from Pingdingshan visited Ruzhou to investigate the management and review of the commodity price office.

Ruzhou electric power bureau wins honorary title in excellence activity      2012-08-15
The Ruzhou electric power bureau won an honorary title as an advanced unit in the "commitment to excellence" activity held by provincial electric power companies.

Ruzhou becomes "Demonstration City" in renewable energy construction      2012-08-14
According to the Ruzhou Municipal Housing and Urban-Rural Development Bureau, Ruzhou has become a “Demonstration City” for renewable energy construction in 2012.

Ruzhou finishes afforestation efforts covering 29,600 mu (1,973 hectares)      2012-08-10
According to the Ruzhou Municipal Forestry Bureau, Ruzhou has finished forestation efforts covering an area of 29,600 mu (1,973 hectares) in the first half of 2012.

The Women's Federation of Ruzhou highlights grass-roots work      2012-08-10
Recently, the Ruzhou municipal Women's Federation has innovated and improved "The Home of Women" in order to better serve women and children.

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