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Ruzhou finishes afforestation efforts covering 29,600 mu (1,973 hectares)
( chinadaily.com.cn )
Updated: 2012-08-10

According to the Ruzhou Municipal Forestry Bureau, Ruzhou has finished forestation efforts covering an area of 29,600 mu (1,973 hectares) in the first half of 2012. At the same time, Ruzhou has cultivated and improved 12,600 mu (841 hectares) of forest area. Ruzhou has now fulfilled its forestry ecological construction missions.

The Ruzhou Municipal Forestry Bureau planned to plant trees covering 27,500 mu, or 1,833 hectares, (including converting farmland of 9,000 mu, 600 hectares, into forest) in Dayu, Lingtou, Linru and Jiliao. Ruzhou completed the forestation mission assigned by the Provincial Forestry Ministry by the end of April. The Provincial Forestry Ministry assigned a series of missions of forestry ecological construction to Ruzhou. The Ruzhou Municipal Forestry Bureau paid high attention to the missions and designed economic forest bases in Miaoxia, Lingtou and Dayu. At present, the project has achieved success and passed the check and review of the Provincial Forestry Ministry and state bureau. Ruzhou has also formed an afforestation plan centered on the Fengxue Temple scenic spot and planted 5,617 mu (374 hectares) of trees in Fengxue Temple.

Ruzhou has executed afforestation projects to a high standard this year. It has finished 15.8 kilometers of forestation along highways in Qiling, Lingtou and Yanglou. It has also set up a forestry professional cooperative, reaching an economic output of 3 million yuan ($471,000). Ruzhou has tended seedlings covering 2,274 mu (151 hectares) in the first half of 2012. In addition, prediction and forecast measures of forest diseases and insect pests have been improved.


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