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Ruzhou selects 100 "most beautiful Ruzhou people"      2015-01-06
The awards ceremony of "the most beautiful Ruzhou people" was held in the Ruzhou Municipal Television Station Broadcasting Hall on Dec 29. A total of 100 "most beautiful Ruzhou people", who were elected from the whole of Ruzhou city, participated in the ceremony.

Ruzhou: bringing love and care to nursing homes      2015-01-05
Niu Junyang, the owner of Fenghuangshan Ecological Park in Jiaocun town, Ruzhou city, brought a truck of pumpkins to Ruzhou Nursing Home in the urban area of the city.

Ruzhou manages the environment of Xier River      2015-01-04
The Xier River originated from the Ji Mountain, which is located at the junction of Ruzhou city and Dengfeng city in Henan province.

Ruzhou launches discount pharmacies for low-income earners      2014-12-19
A pharmacy providing medications with a discount price to low-income people was launched by Ruzhou Municipal Federation of Trade Unions and the Shengguangtongxin Pharmaceutical Corporation on Dec 8.

Ruzhou welcomes the first National Constitution Day      2014-12-19
Ruzhou's government organized a total of 88 departments and institutions to launch events on popularizing laws at the Ruzhou Workers' Center, in order to welcome the first National Constitution Day on Dec 4.

Ruzhou holds a winter swimming competition      2014-11-28
The Zorel Express Cup Winter Swimming Competition was held in Ruzhou city, Central China's Henan province, to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the establishment of the Henan Zhengzhou Winter Swimming Association.

Exhibition on real estate and automobiles closes in Ruzhou      2014-11-19
A six-day exhibition on real estate and automobiles was completed in Ruzhou, Central China's Henan province. During the exhibition, the exhibitors sold 41 apartments and 111 vehicles. The total sales reached up to 40 million yuan ($6.54 million).

Major Henan artist      2014-11-05
Wang Qisong, who specializes in traditional Chinese painting, was born in the city of Ruzhou, Henan province. His art works have appeared in major magazines and albums across China.

Museum needed for relics unearthed before China's water diversion      2014-11-02
A museum is needed to preserve rare relics unearthed to make way for the massive south-to-north water transfer project.

Traditional monkey circus show faces dilemma      2014-11-02
Monkey trainer Bao Fengshan, from Central China's Henan province, has not yet recovered from the recent shock of his arrest.

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