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Ruzhou enjoys animal husbandry boom      2012-07-27
The output of the animal husbandry in Ruzhou reached 1.45 billion yuan ($226.92 million), an increase of 7.5 percent over the previous year.

Measures on incentives for attracting qualified investment in Ruzhou      2012-07-24
The measures are enacted in accordance with pertinent laws, regulations, and policies with the purpose of expanding opening up and boosting rapid scientific, economic and social development.

Mingxin public rental housing project begins      2012-07-23
Mingxin public rental housing project has recently started construction, which is the second indemnificatory housing project in Ruzhou after the Shengdiluolan project, which started on June 20.

Deputy editor-in-chief of International Daily News visits Ruzhou      2012-07-20
Zeng Wangqiang, Deputy Editor-in-Chief of International Daily News and other staff visited Hongbao Ru Porcelain Co. Ltd in Ruzhou, Henan province.

Ruzhou fire fighters gave training for fire safety in towns and villages      2012-07-19
Ruzhou fire fighters went to Miaoxia town and gave training to more than 100 people fromvillage representatives, primary and middle school students headmasters, and enterprise representatives on July 13, 2012.

Hongbao Ru porcelain becomes special gift      2012-07-19
The newly developed jade-like porcelain from Hongbao Ru Chinaware Co. in Ruzhou was chosen as its 2012 special gift by the Overseas Chinese Media Cooperation Organization (OCMCO).

Blackboard newspaper helps farmers in Ruzhou become rich      2012-07-19
The agriculture office, social security office, civil administration, women's federation and family planning commission of Zhonglou Street in Ruzhou consider it important to popularize agricultural science and technology

Ruzhou holds popular workers' basketball competition      2012-07-19
The Association is made up of workers' basketball representative teams from 14 enterprises and public institutions in the city and the tournament will last for two months.

Professor from Tsinghua University gives talks in Ruzhou      2012-07-12
Professor Zhu Andong, vice secretary of the Party committee of College of Marxism at Tsinghua University, gave a talk on speeding up a fundamental shift of mode for economic growth in Ruzhou.

Ruzhou edible mushrooms make local people rich      2012-07-04
As the cultivation of Ruzhou edible mushrooms has developed strongly, more and more local people are benefiting from the crop as a source of income.

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