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The retired life of doing calligraphy on the ground      2014-11-02
A 73-year-old retiree, Chen Xingxian, practices calligraphy every day at a local park in the city of Ruzhou, Henan province, using the ground as his writing paper, a one-meter long, homemade writing brush as his pen, and water as his ink.

Ru porcelain makes its way to the Chinese capital      2014-10-29
There was an exhibition of Tinghuaiyao Ru porcelain, from a porcelain workshop in the city of Ruzhou, Henan province, at the Glorious Treasures Studio, in Beijing, Oct 20 - 26, with 100 works in a series of colors on display, many of which have won national awards.

Spirit of Tai Chi      2014-10-28
About 880 Tai Chi enthusiasts gather at a square in front of The Museum of Chinese Tai Chi, and perform Tai Chi in group, in Chenjiagou scenic spot of Jiaozuo county, central China's Henan province, Oct.25, 2014.

Water diversion project to boost Chinese grain output      2014-10-28
China's south-to-north water diversion project, expected to start operation in the coming days, will ease the drought that has been plaguing north China, greatly improving grain output.

South - north ceramic artist exchange shows various techniques      2014-10-24
Some ceramic artists from Jingdezhen, Jiangxi province, considered the capital of Chinese porcelain, paid a two-day visit to the city of Ruzhou, Henan province, the home of Ru porcelain, Oct 21- 22

Bear skeleton used in ancient ritual      2014-10-24
A bear skeleton unearthed in central China's Henan province may reveal that Chinese people tamed bears at least 2,800 years ago.

Fruitful season      2014-10-23
In the golden season of October, farmers in Sanmenxia, Central China’s Henan province, are not only busy harvesting sorghum, soybeans and peanuts in their fields, but also picking apples and producing dried persimmons from their orchards.

Impressive work of calligraphy on show in Ruzhou      2014-10-24
There was a really breath-taking calligraphic work on exhibit in the city of Ruzhou, Henan province, on Oct 18 – a 100-meter long scroll, in fact, that was the work of 26 calligraphers.

Ru porcelain sale in Henan      2014-10-22
The city of Ruzhou, Henan province held a Ru porcelain charity sale, on Oct 11.

Joy and sorrow of monkey trainers      2014-10-22
Bao Qingshan, 47, who is a monkey according to Chinese Zodiac, has been training monkeys and performing with them for more than 30 years.

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