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Ruzhou held press conference on International Day for Consumers' Rights and Interests      2012-03-13
For the 30th International Day for Consumers' Rights and Interests, a press conference was held with the theme of "Consumption and Safety" at the Ruzhou Tianrui Hotel on March 13

Peng Zhangsuo: an 80 year old forest ranger in Ruzhou      2012-03-13
At the road crossing, an old man in a brown nylon hat, dressed in a black cotton-padded jacket with a pair of green canvas shoes, waited for us.

Cadres together with local employees grew trees before China Arbor Day in Ruzhou      2012-03-12
On March 8, 2012, cadres together with local employees were busy planting and growing trees for the China Arbor Day at the Guaipo scenic area in Ruzhou.

Ruzhou Competitors recieve golden medal at Hong Kong Wushu International Championship      2012-03-07
According to the news from the Ruzhou Sports Bureau on March 7, the 10th Hong Kong Wushu International Championship was held at the Asia World Expo from February 25 to February 28

Ancient China gold-plated "peaceful currency" appears in Ruzhou      2012-02-29
A Ruzhou numismatist showed a rare ancient coin regarded as "peaceful currency" with a square hole in the center to a reporter on Feb, 29, 2012.

New scientific methods boost Ruzhou farmer incomes      2012-02-28
Most farmers grow vegetables by using traditional methods. However, farmers in Ruzhou found a new way to earn a fortune

Ruzhou held public forum on traditional Chinese culture      2012-02-21
The first Ruzhou public forum on traditional Chinese culture was held at the Tianrui Zhongzhou International Hotel in Ruzhou city on Feb 10, 2012.

The painting and calligraphy exhibition held in Ruzhou      2012-02-21
The 2nd "Social Security Cup" painting and calligraphy exhibition was recently held by the Ruzhou municipal publicity department at the Porcelain Museum in Ruzhou city.

Ruzhou won the 3rd prize for "Chinese charity news award"      2012-02-21
The second "Chinese charity news award" selection results were recently announced. "Angel in the world", the work submitted by the Ruzhou Municipal Administration of Radio and TV, won the third prize.

Excellent works gathered at the Ruzhou      2012-02-21
The 2012 Painting and Calligraphy Exhibition of Ruzhou city recently opened at a municipal art gallery.

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