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High-tech ecological park to open in Ruzhou      2013-11-13
A foundation-laying ceremony for Jiangnanchun High-Tech Ecological Park was held in Lingtou town, Ruzhou of Henan province on Nov 8.

Leadership charts path      2013-11-13
China is to commission a specialized high-level group to design and coordinate the country's "great revolution" of reform and opening-up.

Ruzhou boosts Ru porcelain industry      2013-11-11
A special survey on the development of the Ru porcelain industry was carried out by a delegation led by He Xinnian, an inspector of the Henan Provincial Bureau of Press and Publication, on Nov 6.

Ru porcelain receives gold medal at masterwork exhibition      2013-11-11
Xuanhe Zun (“Zun” is an ancient term for wine vessel), a Ru porcelain work, was awarded a gold medal at the 14th Contemporary Arts and Crafts Masterwork Exhibition, according Chinadaily.com.cn on Nov 6.

Ruzhou Rural Commercial Bank opens      2013-11-08
The opening ceremony of Ruzhou Rural Commercial Bank was held on Oct 30, zyjjw.cn reported on Nov 6.

Cultural park to promote Ru porcelain      2013-11-04
A foundation-laying ceremony for Ru Porcelain Cultural Park, a cultural park themed around Ruzhou as the home of Ru porcelain, was held on Oct 30.

Bone flutes suggest 9,000 years of music      2013-11-01
Three flutes made of bones of red-crowned cranes have been excavated at an ancient tomb in Central China's Henan province, further evidence of remote ancestors playing music long before they could write, archeologists announced on Friday.

Jiufeng Mountain boosts development      2013-11-01

A delegation inspected the Jiufeng Mountain National Forest Park in Ruzhou’s Jiliao town, on Oct 25.

Provinces to monitor PM2.5 density      2013-10-30
Sixteen provinces or municipalities have been asked by the National Health and Family Planning Commission to monitor and report the density of PM2.5 and its impact on people's health.

Materials Exchange Fair set to open      2013-10-29

The 29th Materials Exchange Fair was held in Rudong High-Tech Technology Park on Oct 25.

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