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Application for Indonesia university extended      2011-07-29
High school students in Ruzhou will have more time to apply for a scholarship to study at Indonesia's President University. The application has been extended to August 10, 2011.

Chinese Buddha paintings awes American audience      2011-07-18
A Chinese artist has opened an exhibition of Buddha paintings in Manhanttan, stealing the attention of many American art lovers.

Free study in Indonesia      2011-07-12
High school students in Ruzhou, Henan province, can now apply for scholarships to study in Indonesia’s President University sponsored by entrepreneur Li Wenguang, an Indonesian Chinese.

Four-star spa hotel now open to guests      2011-07-06
There is a new four-star spa hotel to cater to visitors with high expectations in Ruzhou, Henan province — the Sanmao Spa Resort Hotel.

Free admission at Ruzhou Porcelain Museum      2011-06-24
On June 11, the sixth National Cultural Heritage Day in China, the Ruzhou Porcelain Museum gave admission to Ruzhou residents free of charge, in an effort to promote public awareness about preserving Chinese intangible cultural heritage.

Bill Gates’ stepmom talks about Chinese art      2011-06-22
The stepmother of Microsoft founder Bill Gates showed off her knowledge of Chinese art on May 21, when Mary Gates lectured on China’s Dunhuang Grottoes at a meeting in New York of the Chinese-American Literary Guild.

Chinese painter brings Buddha to America      2011-06-17
Award-winning Chinese painter Liu Jianxia, who has dedicated herself to painting images of Buddha, brought her new painting, An Assembly of the Buddha of Medicine, to the Rubin Museum of Art in New York City. The painting has been on display since May 6, rzgd.com reported.

Ruzhou rolls out half-price tickets for China’s first National Tourism Day      2011-06-01

Ru porcelain presented on Festival of Intangible Cultural Heritage      2011-05-30
Ru porcelain, on behalf of Henan province, will be exhibited at the 3rd National Festival of Intangible Cultural Heritage, which will be held from May 29 to June 11 in Chengdu, Sichuan province.

Ruzhou creates new source of energy      2011-05-17
"The straw compressive particles have great value. They burn like coal, but are cheaper and more environmentally friendly." said a principal of Ruzhou Cement Plant during an interview on May 2, 2011.

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