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Ruszhou sets up personnel information database      2013-05-16
Ruzhou has set up a personnel information database with 25,026 profiles to better help the government and companies learn about the personnel and talent information in various industries in the city.

Three archeological areas become national key cultural units      2013-05-16
Three archeological areas in Ruzhou have been listed as China’s National Key Relics Cultural Protection Units recently.

Henan schools qualify for higher education enrollment      2013-05-15
About 123 schools in Henan province have been granted qualifications for higher education enrollment, according to a recent list of 2,482 schools released by the Ministry of Education.

Ruzhou attracts 26 investment programs in 2 months      2013-05-14
Ruzhou Merchants Steamship Company says that the city has attracted 26 investment programs in the first two months of this year.

Ruzhou holds walking activity      2013-05-10
Ruzhou city held a walking activity on Sunday to call attention to healthy lifestyles.

Ruzhou total output value grows by 9 percent last year      2013-05-09
Ruzhou's business has been growing greatly in 2012 and ranks the first among its neighboring cities, according to the city's government report.

Ruzhou to enrich cultural life      2013-05-09
Ruzhou will conduct cultural activities in many aspects to enrich local people's spiritual and cultural life this year, according to the Ruzhou Publicity Department.

Ruzhou resident receives approval of 115 patents for utility models      2013-05-08
Ruzhou resident Ma Yiming recently received approval for 32 patents for utility models . His total patents now number 115.

Ruzhou schoolmasters receive training      2013-05-07
Some 76 schoolmasters from Ruzhou's middle schools and primary schools just finished a one-week intensive training program to improve their competence.

Jingeng Hospital receives 200,000 yuan donation      2013-05-06
Jingeng Rehabitation Hospital of Ruzhou city received a donation of 1,450 boxes of paper diapers worth about 207,405 yuan ($25,579) recently.

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