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Ruzhou launches mine vegetation restoration      2012-10-29
The Ruzhou Department of Geology and Mineral Industries is making great efforts to develop mine vegetation restoration.

Ruzhou municipal court improves judicial process      2012-09-29
Since 2003, Ruzhou's municipal court has been consistently improving justice administration , reinforcing forensic expertise, and vigorously exploring new ways to resolve petitioners. Due to their efforts, no petitions occurred in Ruzhou in the last nine years.

Ruzhou Sanitation Supervision Station holds staff training      2012-09-27
The Ruzhou Sanitation Supervision Station held systematic professional training sessions for their sanitation inspectors.

Henan approves Ruzhou's mineral resources plan      2012-09-26
Ruzhou recently received approval of its Planning on Mineral Resources (2008~2015) proposal from the Henan Provincial Office of Land and Resources.

Ruzhou stores crop stalks for comprehensive use      2012-09-25
Qiling county, Ruzhou, Henan province has made great efforts to comprehensively make use of crop stalks instead of burning them.

Ruzhou Trade Unions completes Jan-Jun goals      2012-09-24
Ruzhou Federation of Trade Unions has completed economic tasks for the first half of 2011 in line with the goals signed at the beginning of the year.

Successor to recapture Ru porcelain's splendor      2012-09-24
In the remarkable 2010 Shanghai World Expo, the state gift "Tide Player" produced by Ruiping Ru Porcelain Workshop was well received by the public. Yao Ruiping, the new generation designer, is a successor of Ru porcelain craft.

Ruzhou hot spring town fascinates central China      2012-09-24
Hot spring town, 27 kilometers to the west of Ruzhou city seat, covers an area of 70.4 square kilometers. It has 3,133.3 hectares of arable land. It has 25 administrative villages and 48 natural villages, with a population of 50,600 people.

Ruzhou conducts technological training for the disabled      2012-09-17
The Ruzhou Disabled Persons' Federation has conducted four rural practical technological training courses for the disabled in townships and villages since July.

Henan approves Dengfeng-Ruzhou highway project      2012-09-14
The project application for the Dengfeng-Ruzhou highway project was approved by the Henan Development and Reform Commission on September 12.

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