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Yanglou Family Planning Association conducts technology training program      2012-09-13
The Family Planning Association of Ruzhou's Yanglou township has been making great efforts to help families which abide by family planning policies.

Ruzhou Power Bureau copes with autumn power grid pressures      2012-09-12
The Ruzhou Municipal Power Bureau has taken various measures to cope with power supply pressure caused by autumn heat.

Ruzhou power line attendants work in remote mountains      2012-09-11
Four power line attendants from the Henan Ruzhou Power Bureau, Da Yu Power Supply Station went to remote mountain areas carrying troubleshooting utilities on their backs on September 10.

Ruzhou starts comprehensive inspection on radiation safety      2012-09-07
The Ruzhou Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau has launched a comprehensive inspection on radiation safety that was first organized in April.

Ruzhou works to clean up medical sector      2012-09-07
The Ruzhou Health Inspection Bureau cracked down on four illegal dental clinics and five beauty parlors in an attempt to clean up the local medical sector.

Ruzhou municipal court devises text message incentive mechanism      2012-09-07
The Ruzhou municipal court has devised an incentive mechanism using text message commendations that was implemented on July 9.

Ruzhou Wangzhai Township improves rural sanitation      2012-08-31
The Wangzhai Township government has extensively launched a specialized campaign to improve sanitation conditions in administrative institutions, incorporated villages and all units directly under the township government on August 13.

Yanglou village of Ruzhou starts second village committee student financing program      2012-08-30
The second "village committee finances students" program and award presentation of outstanding students was held in Yanglou village of Ruzhou on August 24.

Ruzhou launches quality improvement project for Party-leading cadres      2012-08-30
A one-year quality improvement project for Party-leading cadres that began in April is being carried out in Ruzhou.

Overseas Chinese Union Cadres of Ruzhou study pertinent social issues      2012-08-28
The Overseas Chinese Union Cadres of Ruzhou attended a lecture discussing pertinent social issues.

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