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Ruzhou to construct medical tourism resort      2013-08-29
The city of Ruzhou in Henan province is trying to seize on the popularity of medical tourism (MT) to construct a medical tourism resort.

Ruzhou introduces audio library for visually impaired      2013-08-28
The library of Ruzhou in the city of Ruzhou, Henan, set up an audio library on August 22, aiming at providing services for people who are visually impaired.

Ruzhou's leaders visit environmental protection bureau      2013-08-23
The leaders of Ruzhou city, Henan province, visited the municipal environmental protection bureau on August 16.

Tobacco harvest comes to Ruzhou      2013-08-23
Tobacco growers on a 3,333-hectare tobacco field in Ruzhou city, Henan province, are busy reaping and curing tobacco leaves as harvest season approaches.

Ru porcelain's a big winner at the Earth Awards      2013-08-22
Two pieces of Ru porcelain artwork wowed the judges so much that they took top place at the recent 3rd China Ceramic Art and Craft Expo and Earth Awards, in July.

Ruzhou enterprises welcome vocational training program      2013-08-21
The eighth session of a vocational skill training program of the general union of Ruzhou city, Henan province, successfully closed on August 1.

Young couples register for marriage on Qixi      2013-08-15
A total of 123 young couples in the city of Ruzhou, Henan province, registered for marriage during Qixi Festival, August 13.

Ruzhou supports river regulation      2013-08-15
Since construction began in October 2009, three phases of the comprehensive regulation project of the North Ruhe River's Ruzhou section have been completed.

Ruzhou holds drill to improve flood preparedness      2013-08-15
The No 8682 armed police force stationed in Ruzhou held a large-scale drill in the city of Ruzhou, Henan province, on August 6 to improve its preparedness for flood emergencies.

Ruzhou attracts 88 investment projects in H1      2013-08-08
Ruzhou, a city in midwestern Henan province, is making greater efforts to attract investment to fuel its economic development.

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