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Efforts to attract investment bear fruit in Ruzhou      2011-02-11
The production center of S•DROLUN, a shoe making corporation based in Guangdong, is to locate itself in Ruzhou’s Light Industry Park. Covering more than 180 mu, this center will be able to create over twenty thousand jobs and produce 8 billion yuan annually

Henan offers peek into whole nation      2011-01-27
Henan plans to increase its opening-up and further sharpen its competitive edges - such as a low cost of production - to catch up with other regions in China.

Ruzhou checks results of delegates’ proposals      2011-01-25
Central China’s Ruzhou city has launched a campaign based on the results of the proposals from members of the 6th Ruzhou Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC).

Ruzhou hosts Spring Festival party in Beijing      2011-01-25
Li Quansheng, the party secretary of Ruzhou, welcomed his fellow-townsmen living in Beijing and sent his sincere blessings to them, on behalf of the Municipal Party Committee, Municipal People’s Congress.

The fourth session of 11th Henan Provincial People’s Congress opens      2011-01-19
The preliminary meeting of the fourth session of the 11th Henan Provincial People’s Congress opened.

Ruzhou awarded one of 10 most famous kilns in China      2010-12-31
The Yusong Ru Procelain Company of Ruzhou was awarded as one of the ten kilns that have made the greatest efforts to pass down the exquisite workmanship of porcelain making at a prize-giving ceremony held in Beijing on Dec. 15.

Ruzhou opens 37th session of 6th People’s Congress      2010-12-23
Ruzhou opened its 37th session of the 6th Standing Committee of the People’s Congress on Dec 18 in the municipal government building.

Ruzhou: to boost its torrential disaster defense      2010-12-06
According to the Ruzhou Municipal Bureau of Water Conservancy, the government will invest 7.69 million yuan to build a mountain flood prevention and warning system covering the whole city.

One model city for nursing the elderly      2010-11-19
Ruzhou is the first county in China to receive the official recognition. According to statistics released, 106,900 older residents account for 11.6 percent of the population in Ruzhou. The city has more than 20 nursing homes, agencies and other establishments offering services to older residents.

Ruzhou gains the title of spa city      2010-11-19
The sixth symposium on the development of China travel was held in Sanya, Hainan province. Ruzhou earned its new title due to its unique spa, resort and other travel resources, as well as its successful efforts to build itself as a popular tourist destination.

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