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Ruzhou supports river regulation
( chinadaily.com.cn )
Updated: 2013-08-15

Since construction began in October 2009, three phases of the comprehensive regulation project of the North Ruhe River's Ruzhou section have been completed. Three rubber dams have been built measuring a length of 10 kilometers total. The Ruzhou municipal water conservancy bureau has been supporting the project through multiple measures.

First, the bureau is cooperating with superior departments to boost preliminary work and push for a funding and preferential policy, providing policy support to the project.

Second, the bureau is exercising strict control over sand excavation in the river and working with the public security department to get tough on illegal behavior in the river, creating an appropriate environment for the project.

Third, two section-level officials and eight technicians are participating in the project to monitor quality and provide technical support.

Fourth, the bureau has been monitoring the flood situation and has sent 26 people to rubber dams for security guidance. Meanwhile, it works to ensure the project is constructed according to regulations.

By Guo Yi

Edited by Michael Thai, Huang Pei


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