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China's oldest Buddhist temple receives holy relic from Thailand      2014-09-24
More than 100 Buddhist monks arrived at China's oldest Buddhist temple on Monday to present a precious sarira gifted from Thailand

Ru porcelain selected for charity sales      2014-09-24
The selection process has begun, choosing from an assortment of Ru porcelain for charity sale on Sept 21, guided by the ceramics association of Ruzhou.

Arts exhibition held in Ruzhou      2014-09-23
Ruzhou hosted a painting and calligraphy exhibition to celebrate the 65 anniversary of China's political advisory body,from Sept 19 to 23.

Ruzhou's annual charity fair for poor college students      2014-09-19
The annual "Glory Donation" ceremony was held, a donation fair launched by the Ruzhou government, collecting social funds to help students who could not afford their tuition fees.

Dragon Pavilion Park in Kaifeng      2010-06-03

Henan official stands trail for 3-million-dollar corruption charges      2014-09-17
Former Party secretary of Anyang city in Henan province stood trial for corruption charges on Tuesday.

Henan runs international I Ching symposium      2014-09-17
A symposium of I Ching studies between the Chinese mainland and Taiwan was held at the Spring Temple Buddha tourist site in central China's Henan province.

Stock farming booms in Ruzhou      2014-09-16
The stock farming industry in Ruzhou has seen rapid growth this year.

Beautiful butterflies presented in China's Kaifeng      2014-09-11
Combined photo taken on Sept 6, shows butterflies presented during a butterfly carnival held in the scenic spot of Iron Tower in Kaifeng, central China's Henan province.

Netizens kick around idea of taking job at kung fu temple      2014-09-05
The Shaolin Temple, a hot tourism attraction in Henan province, has received great attention in the past few days, not because of its kung fu, but rather for a job offer for a media director and an editor.

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