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Photo show held in Ruzhou      2011-09-30
From Sept 6 to 9 during the 2nd China Quju Opera Art Festival, a photo exhibition was held, themed Home of Chinese Quju Opera. The exhibition took place in the lobby at the first floor of Ruzhou municipal radio and television station building.

Finals for top 10 Quju Opera performers      2011-09-30
In the afternoon of Sept 7, the final round for the top 10 Chinese Quju Opera performers was held at the hall of Ruzhou television station.

Forum on Quju Opera held      2011-09-30
The Quju Opera Art Development Forum, one of main activities of the 2nd China Quju Opera Art Festival, began on Sept 8.

Special performance to celebrate Quju Opera Festival      2011-09-30
A special performance was held at Ruzhou Theatre to celebrate the 2nd China Quju Opera Art Festival in the evening of Sept 6.

Quju Opera Festival inaugurated in Ruzhou      2011-09-30
In the afternoon of Sept 6, the 2nd China Quju Opera Art Festival was launched in Ruzhou city, Henan province, the cradle land of the opera.

National Magic Golden Award goes to Baofeng county      2011-09-21
On Aug 23, China Federation of Literary and Art Circles (CFLAC) agreed on holding the fifth national magic game, part of the eighth China Acrobatics Chrysanthemum Award, by Baofeng county in Pingdingshan city this December.

Schedule for the Quju Arts Festival finalized      2011-09-21
The second China Quju Arts Festival Organizing Committee finalized the arrangements of related activities during the festival on Aug 30.

Two experts awarded "Ceramic Design Master"      2011-09-21
In early August, two were awarded the title of "Ceramic Design Master of China” by the Society for the Promotion of World Culture under the Ministry of Culture as well as China Building Ceramics Association.

Five Qinghai CP orphans hospitalized in Ruzhou      2011-09-21
In the morning of July 10, five orphans with cerebral palsy from Xining Children's Welfare Association in Qinghai province were hospitalized in Ruzhou Jingeng Hospital.

Ruzhou citizen cures CP orphans free-of-charge      2011-09-21
Since 2009, Ruzhou citizen Song Zhaopu has treated 191 orphans with cerebral palsy and invested nearly ten million yuan in founding the Ruzhou Jingeng Hospital, now a home of CP orphans. Locally, his good deeds have become a much-told tale.

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