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Ruzhou launches “Learning from Lei Feng” activities      2013-03-06
Ruzhou effectively held “Learning from Lei Feng” activities starting last year. Ruzhou promoted Lei Feng spirit in campuses and villages and placed emphasis on foundation, innovation and results.

Ruzhou holds second joint conference on illegal behavior control      2013-03-04
The second joint conference on controlling illegal construction behavior and illegal land occupation behavior was held on Feb 26.

Gao Youpeng gives lecture to municipal party committee office      2013-03-04
Ruzhou's municipal party committee office specially invited Professor Gao Youpeng from Henan University to give a lecture titled The Power of Culture on Feb 26

Ruzhou holds Bronze Instruments Competition      2013-02-28
The 2013 Bronze Instruments Competition was held at Railway Station Square on the morning of Feb 21.

Happy Lantern Festival in Ruzhou      2013-02-27
Ruzhou has been covered with lanterns recently in order to take on a festive appearance.

Village director hosts Spring Festival games at own expense      2013-02-26
The eighth Spring Festival games were held at a stadium in Lingtou village of Ruzhou on Feb 22.

Yuhuanggou Qu Ju Ensemble wows audiences      2013-02-25
Members of the Yuhuanggou Qu Ju Ensemble performed for residents in Yuhuanggou village of Ruzhou on Feb 16. The members of the ensemble are mainly composed of farmers.

Thailand's former prime minister Chuan Leekpai receives Ru porcelain      2013-02-18
The Thailand Embassy held an open-door activity to celebrate the new year in Bangkok’s Chinese Culture Center on Feb 6.

Ruzhou launches 2013 Spring Festival party      2013-02-08
Harmonious Ruzhou - 2013 Spring Festival Party, hosted by the Ruzhou municipal publicity department and Ruzhou TV, opened in Ruzhou theatre on the evening of Feb 5, 2013.

Merchants establish Ruzhou-Luoyang Council for the Promotion of Economy and Trade      2013-02-07
The Ruzhou-Luoyang Council for the Promotion of Economy and Trade was established in Jinling Hotel in Luoyang on Feb 2, 2013

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