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Ruzhou stresses school bus safety      2013-12-04
A group composed of the chairman and vice-chairmen of the Ruzhou municipal committee of the CPPCC and members of its Party leadership group conducted an official visit to Ruzhou.

Progress in two provinces      2013-12-04
Statistics from Henan's agriculture department show that by the end of November, the rights to some 188 hectares - 29 percent of the arable land in the province - had been transferred. The province has 65,000 farming cooperatives and more than 15,500 independent producers with large production volumes.

Doctor is an elderly altruist for the ages      2013-12-01
"We need to do something good for our society no matter how old we are," says Hu Peilan, a 97-year-old gynecologist who still insists on working six days a week to serve her patients.

Elderly care center set to open in Ruzhou      2013-11-28
An elderly care center named Yishe Gangwan will open in Ruzhou. The foundation-laying ceremony was held on Nov 22.

Bosses in Henan face fines for not increasing salaries      2013-11-27
Henan province plans to implement a policy that fines company bosses who have not raised salaries over a long period without justification.

Ruzhou promotes Jianggu Mountain development      2013-11-22
A coordination conference on Jianggu Mountain’s tourism development was held by the Ruzhou municipal government on Nov 18.

Ruzhou strengthens food safety      2013-11-21
An unveiling ceremony of the Ruzhou food safety administration center kicked off on Nov 15.

Ru porcelain to be displayed in Abu Dhabi      2013-11-19
Henan Hongbao Ru Porcelain Co is set to be the only Chinese porcelain exhibitor to participate in the 2013 Art China Show held in Abu Dhabi.

How to apply for a green card in China      2013-11-19
If you want to spend more time in China for family reasons, business, or any other purpose, and you have to get visa each time you travel through customs, or if you want to save time and expense on visas, a Chinese green card will be your green light to access China.

Culture Ministry conducted a Ru porcelain survey      2013-11-15
A survey about Ru porcelain was conducted by a delegation led by Wang Fulin, deputy head of the intangible cultural heritages department of the Ministry of Culture.

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