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Ruzhou controls Ruhe River      2011-09-21
In early 2009, Ruzhou city decided to make comprehensive treatment of the northern Ruhe River after rounds of argumentation. It has listed the project as a key item of the city’s construction. Nowadays, success has been achieved.

Ruzhou delegation signs vast sum investment      2011-09-21
The 2011 Henan Industrial and Technology Transfer Cooperation and Exchange Fair was inaugurated at Zhengzhou International Convention and Exhibition Center on Aug 26. The Ruzhou delegation signed two major contracts worth 2.1 billion yuan at the fair.

Ceramics College sets up internship base in Ruzhou      2011-09-21
Jingdezhen Ceramics College held a ceremony at Jinding Business Hotel to mark the establishment of an internship base in Ruzhou city on Aug 25. Defeng Arts and Crafts Co. Ltd., located in Hepo village, Qiling township, became the internship base of Jingdezhen Ceramics College in Ruzhou city.

Historic city finds new ways to promote growth      2011-09-02
This historic city in Henan province in central China is finding new ways to reinvent itself - as a good place to invest - thanks to its resources and industrial foundation .

Quju Opera Festival in Ruzhou      2011-08-29
The press conference of the second Quju Opera festival was held on Aug 19 at the Great Hall of the People in Beijing. This festival will start on Sept 6 in Ruzhou, Henan province and it will last for four days. Almost 300 guests are expected to attend.

Production of The Charm of Ru Porcelain begins      2011-08-29
The Charm of Ru Porcelai, an art film shot by China Central Television (CCTV) started production at Fengxue Temple in late July.

Eggshell Ru porcelain debut      2011-08-29
After thousands of experiments in four years, a new kind of eggshell porcelain has been created by Hu Zhongcheng, a porcelain artist of Henan province. The new Ru porcelain is 1.5 mm thin and as thin as an eggshell. Hu has already applied for a patent.

Ruzhou attracts 9.21 billion yuan investment in six months      2011-08-22
In the first half of 2011, Ruzhou city of Henan province attracted 9.21 billion yuan of inward investments. The province has unswervingly implemented its economic strategy to attract investment to Ruzhou.

Ruzhou city named ‘famous porcelain city’      2011-08-22
Ruzhou city of Henan province was dubbed “Chinese famous porcelain city” at the award ceremony co-held by China Light Industry Federation and China Ceramics Industry Association on August 13.

Many rare birds live in Ruzhou wetlands      2011-08-18
The protection policy in Ruzhou city of Henan province enables hundreds of protected birds to rest and breed at Jianshankou reservoir in Hot Spring Town.

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