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Ruzhou city named ‘famous porcelain city’
By Fu Bo ( chinadaily.com.cn )
Updated: 2011-08-22

Ruzhou city of Henan province was dubbed “Chinese famous porcelain city” at the award ceremony co-held by China Light Industry Federation and China Ceramics Industry Association on August 13.

Eight other places also won this award including Yuzhou city in Henan province, Pengcheng town of Hebei province, Yixing city of Jiangsu province, Longquan city of Zhejiang province, Dehua county of Fujian province, Jingdezhen city of Jiangxi province, Liling city of Hunan province, and Shiwan town of Guangdong province.

At the conference, 20 old craftsmen received a Lifetime Achievement Award, while three artists who devoted their lives to teaching, researching and promoting porcelain were awarded Extraordinary Contributions to the design and development of Chinese porcelain art.

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