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Ruzhou delegation signs vast sum investment
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Updated: 2011-09-21

The 2011 Henan Industrial and Technology Transfer Cooperation and Exchange Fair was inaugurated at Zhengzhou International Convention and Exhibition Center on Aug 26. The Ruzhou delegation signed two major contracts worth 2.1 billion yuan at the fair.

Ruzhou municipal government paid high attention to the fair. The members of the delegation included officials of nine towns and communities, which were Xiaotun town, Jiliao town, Mangchuan town, Yanglou town, Miaoxia town, Zhifang township, Qiling township Zhonglou subdistrict administrative office and Runan subdistrict administrative office. The members also included officials of the municipal development and reform committee, housing construction bureau, industry and communications bureau, land and resources bureau, environment protection bureau, finance bureau, and investment promotion bureau. The delegation invited some businesses, including Shanghai Yichuang Graphite Technology Co. Ltd. and Wong’s International (Holdings) Limited from the Netherlands to attend the fair, and released projects and held business talks on the occasions.

At the Ruzhou exhibition hall, meticulously prepared by the municipal investment promotion bureau, a dozen exquisitely designed light box display cases exhibited the basic situations, development plans, preferential policies towards attracting investment, industrial priorities, characteristic competitive industries, scientific innovations, development prospects, and economic and social development results in the industry cluster zones of the city. The novel and imposing exhibition pavilion attracted many business people to make negotiations.

After the opening ceremony, Ruzhou held a ceremony at the Xuanyuan Hall of the exhibition center to illustrate the local situation and sign business agreements. Xiaotun town government signed a contract with Shanghai Yichuang Graphite Technology Co. Ltd. for a 500 million-yuan graphite technology project. Runan subdistrict administrative office signed an agreement with Wong's International (Holdings) Limited for a 1.6 billion-yuan DAP (diammonium phosphate) project.

Edited by Fu Bo and Tania Lee

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