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Ruzhou livestock husbandry production reaches 1.45 billion yuan      2012-08-10
Walking through the farms of Ruzhou, one will find a tidy and clean environment with stout and healthy livestock. The culturists look very happy to see their farms doing so well.

Symposium on Fengxue Temple's Zen culture held in Ruzhou      2012-08-07
a symposium on the Zen culture of Fengxue Temple, held in the conference room of the Tianruizhongzhou International Hotel, organized a discussion between scholars of Ruzhou and nationally famous Buddhism experts

Ruzhou will review law enforcement systems for first half of 2012      2012-08-06
According to the Ruzhou Municipal Office of Legislative Affairs, the municipal office and the Supervisory Bureau will overhaul law enforcement in the first half of 2012.

Ruzhou residents bring home 19 prizes in "National Martial Arts Hometown" competition      2012-08-06
According to the Ruzhou Municipal Sports Bureau, Ruzhou residents won 19 prizes (including seven first-place prizes) in the “National Martial Arts Hometown” Competition.

Ru porcelain wins big at China Porcelain Exhibition      2012-08-03
On July 31, Ru porcelain pieces won 14 prizes at the second China Porcelain Exhibition held in Beijing. Ru porcelain took home two gold, six silver and six bronze awards.

"100 Enterprises Helping 100 Countrysides" project promotes the development of rural areas      2012-08-02
"100 Enterprises Helping 100 Countrysides" is one of the most important measures in Ruzhou as it promotes the development of new rural areas. In order to support new countryside construction

Tsinghua and Tinghuai Ru Porcelain Lab announce Ru Porcelain Base Collaboration in Ruzhou      2012-07-30
The Tinghuai Ru Porcelain Lab and Fine Art College of Tsinghua University announced plans to begin research collaboration in Ruzhou

Ruzhou offers better legal services to the handicapped      2012-07-30
The Ruzhou Handicapped Persons' Federation has optimized legal services for handicapped petitioners and is playing an important role in maintaining social stability.

Ruzhou officials visit firefighters      2012-07-28
Deputy Party Secretary and Deputy Chief Procurator, led more than 10 procurators to visit the Ruzhou fire brigade on July 26

Practice base for rural information technology settles in Ruzhou      2012-07-27
The practice base for rural information technology was unveiled in Ruzhou municipal government compound on July 22. The base was established by the department of information engineering of Zhengzhou University.

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