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China Loong Forest of Steles opens to tourists for free      2012-05-30
Hundreds of flags and crowds gathered in the China Loong Forest of Steles located in the Fanji village, north of Ruzhou. The China Loong Forest of Steles museum exhibition hall was open to tourists for free.

Ruzhou emphasizes investments      2012-05-29
Ruzhou has created investment opportunities to enhance its environment and service construction.

Ruzhou stresses importance of people's livelihoods      2012-05-23
Ruzhou pays special attention to "people's livelihoods" to guarantee and improve the condition of living for residents.

New countryside committee construction in Ruzhou is advancing      2012-05-17
The countryside committee construction has renovated the appearance of villages. The livelihoods of farmers has greatly improved and so has the public service system.

Ruzhou overseas Chinese federation held meeting to examine supervision      2012-05-17
Recently, the Ruzhou United Front Department of the Party Central Committee and overseas Chinese federation held a meeting to inspect supervision. Zhang Wei, standing member of the Ruzhou Party Committee, delivered a speech at the meeting.

Ruzhou city will focus on four focal points for building itself into a culture highland      2012-04-20
Taking actual situation into account, focusing on four focal points, Ruzhou city is striving to develop its culture industry for to building itself into a culture highland by focusing on four focal points.

A new food processing company in Zhifang, Ruzhou city      2012-04-10
Zhifang is an agricultural town with a large population of 80,000 people and is also one of the largest cereal production bases. Based on sufficient resources, the Party Committee of Zhifang town and the local government established the Ruzhou Runfeng Food Co, Ltd in Zhanglou village after introducing an investment.

The trade union of Ruzhou will focus their work on serving the needy workers      2012-04-10
Recently, leaders of the trade union went into the workshop and communicated with workers to understand their state of mind, income situation, occupational security and health stations.

Visitors at martyrs' cemetery of Fengxuan temple, Ruzhou city for tomb-sweeping day      2012-04-06
With the arrival of the tomb-sweeping day, the martyrs' cemetery of Fengxuan temple, Ruzhou city is surging with crowds. Many people visited the cemetery to show their respect and admiration to the martyrs.

Ruzhou Civil Affairs Bureau makes public commitment to provide quality services      2012-03-29
The Ruzhou Civil Affairs Bureau made a public commitment to provide thoughtful, efficient and accurate services for people.

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