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Henan investigates reports of illegal detention of petitioners      2014-02-17
Authorities in central China are looking into media reports that petitioners have been held and mistreated in local "discipline centers".

Third session of seventh Ruzhou municipal people’s congress opens      2014-02-14
The third session of the seventh Ruzhou municipal people’s congress was held on Feb 12 in the city of Ruzhou, Central China’s Henan province.

Third session of seventh CPPCC Ruzhou municipal committee opens      2014-02-14
The third session of the seventh Ruzhou municipal committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC) was held on Feb 9.

Standing committee of Ruzhou municipal people’s congress works to improve livelihood      2014-02-13
The standing committee of the Ruzhou municipal people's congress has introduced a series of measures to improve people's livelihood in the city.

Service platforms for disabled people      2014-02-11
Ruzhou has established three service platforms for physically and mentally challenged people in the city to help them in terms of rehabilitation, training, employment and poverty alleviation.

Nation to unify pension program      2014-02-08
The central government announced on Friday it will unify the pension insurance system for rural and urban residents, which experts called a significant move toward promoting equality among citizens.

Steady year seen for wheat imports despite dry weather      2014-01-30
There hasn't been much snow in winter wheat-producing regions of China over the past three-and-a-half months, and rainfall has only been about average. Still, the nation's imports aren't set to change much this year, industry experts said.

Ruzhou kicks off New Year's gala      2014-01-28
A New Year's gala to celebrate the upcoming Spring Festival, which falls on Jan 31, 2014, was held in Ruzhou.

Ruzhou reviews civil work      2014-01-26
Ruzhou, Central China’s Henan province, convened a meeting on civil affairs on Jan 17 to review the city’s civil affairs work in 2013 and to arrange overall work tasks in 2014.

Ruzhou hosts awards ceremony for photo contest      2014-01-24
Professional and amateur photographers submitted a total of 520 photos to the "Culture Dukang Cup" Photography Competition, which was organized by a Ruzhou government organization, the city's Photography Association and Luoyang Jiuzu Dukang Sales Co, and 56 winners received awards at a ceremony on Jan 21.

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