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Sinograin buys 30 mln tons of grain to stabilize prices      2014-10-10
A grain glut has forced the Chinese government to buy up some 30 million tons of wheat and early rice since late May this year, despite climbing inventories.

Henan successful in combatting drought      2014-09-30
Most of this autumn's grain in Henan province is ready for harvest, with the harvest perhaps surprisingly successful and keeping the market stable in spite of dire predictions earlier about a downturn because of the severe summer drought.

Henan making an effort in urban ecology and agriculture      2014-09-30
Henan province is putting emphasis on urban ecology and agriculture this year.

Forum to develop cooperation with overseas Chinese      2014-09-30
An economic forum designed to strengthen links between the central plains and Chinese people living abroad will take place in Pingdingshan, Henan province, from Oct 15 to 17.

Raise ticket prices reasonably      2014-09-29
Shi Yongxin, the controversial abbot of Shaolin Temple, is back in the media spotlight ahead of the National Day "Golden Week" holiday.

Ning is China's new gold standard      2014-09-27
Ning Zetao, the legendary swimmer from China's Henan province.

Ruzhou's Top 3 ideal autumn getaways      2014-09-26
The city of Ruzhou, Henan province, has many places of interests that are ideal sites to visit in autumn. Here are the three top ones.

Celebrity sculptures become property ambassadors      2014-09-26

Life-size sculptures of celebrities and fictional movie characters are the latest gimmicks being used to catch the eye of potential customers at an apartment complex in Luoyang, Central China's Henan province.

Temple, gov't in ticket fare showdown      2014-09-25
A legal showdown between a renowned Buddhist temple in central China and its administration agency snagged headlines as the two battle over ticket fare distribution of the tourist site.

Ukrainian, Chinese investors launch joint agriculture project      2014-09-24
Ukraine's DARA Group has signed an agreement with a Chinese corporation in Henan province to jointly invest in the Ukrainian agricultural sector.

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