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Ruzhou leaders visit expert delegates      2013-02-06
Leaders in Ruzhou visited expert delegates from different fields on the morning of Jan 31.

Ruzhou focuses on modern agriculture development      2013-02-05
Ruzhou attaches importance to the development of modern agriculture and focuses on the development of modern characteristic agriculture.

Ruzhou gives subsidies to 477 special members for the disabled      2013-02-04
Ruzhou paid job subsidies to 477 special members for the disabled from townships and villages on the morning of Jan 29.

Ruzhou's financial revenue in 2012 reaches nearly 1.6b yuan      2013-02-01
Ruzhou's local financial revenue topped 1.5 billion yuan for the first time, marking a year-on-year increase of 300 million yuan.

Ruzhou's 62 projects become part of Henan project propulsion plan      2013-01-31
Ruzhou has sped up the transformation of its economic development pattern since 2012. Projects have been utilized to adjust economic structure and promote transformation.

Ruzhou honors writers and artists      2013-01-30
A Ruzhou 2012 literature and art awards ceremony was held at City Hall on Jan 24, 2013.

Ruzhou welcomes rich and colorful Spring Festival activities      2013-01-29
About 50 cultural activities will be held in Ruzhou during Spring Festival to further enrich the holiday for citizens and create a harmonious atmosphere.

Spring Festival party comes to Ruzhou      2013-01-28
A Spring Festival party organized by the municipal Party committee and municipal government will be held at Ruzhou Theatre on the evening of Feb 5, 2013.

Ruzhou recognizes eight written works      2013-01-25
A Henan local annals compilation committee has completed its appraisal of local chorographies published in recent years.

Ruzhou makes effort at culture development      2013-01-24
Culture is the soul of a city and also the power and source of a city's sustainable development.

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