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Quju Art Association offers free performances to nursing home      2011-09-21
July 13 evening, Ruzhou Art Association of Henan Quju (opera derived from ballad singing) gave performances to the Ruzhou Urban Nursing Home. The place was packed with the seniors who watched attentively the excellent programs prepared by the association.

Ruzhou launches Ru porcelain postcards      2011-09-21
Following the debut of the Ru porcelain postcard album in March this year, another suite of limited edition albums will be released to the public on July 15.

Ruzhou bike-ride fans on trip to Tibet      2011-09-21
Tibet is seen as a Holy Land in the eye of bicycle ride lovers. Two bike riding fans of Ruzhou city arrived in Tibet after a 2,200 kilometers journey that took 25 days.

Ruzhou helps poor college students      2011-09-21
In the morning of August 9, a ceremony of extending student subsidies was held at the meeting room of Ruzhou municipal committee building. Liu Shufang, from Hepo village in Qiling township, and 29 other college students each received a 1,000 yuan student grant. Wang Zhipeng, from Wangzhuang village in Qiling township, and nine other fresh students received 5,000 yuan each.

Martial art shown at National Fitness Day      2011-09-21
In the morning of August 8, a ceremony was held at the basketball court of Ruzhou Worker’s Cultural Palace to celebrate the third National Fitness Day with martial arts performances.

Ruzhou launched a hot spring sanatorium      2011-09-21
In the morning of August 14, a ceremony was held to lay the foundation stone for the model worker’s building in Henan provincial worker’s hot spring sanatorium. Senior officials of Ruzhou city attended the ceremony.

Ruzhou donates 72 treasures      2011-09-21
In the morning of August 14, ten members of Ruzhou municipal collection association donated a set of collected articles to the West Henan Museum of War of Resistance against Japanese Aggression, which is based at Banzhuang village of Dayu township of Ruzhou city, an old revolutionary base area.

Ruzhou youth prefer DIY moon cakes      2011-09-21
As the Mid-Autumn Festival is approaching, many young people of Ruzhou city have chosen to buy raw materials and moulds from online shops and make moon cakes by themselves.

Hospital director among top philanthropists      2011-09-21
In the evening of August 23, Charity Henan and Power of Role Models, a public appraisal activity, announced the result of top 10 charitable companies and top 10 philanthropists of Henan province. Song Zhaopu, director of Ruzhou Jingeng Hospital, was awarded with the honorary title of top 10 philanthropists.

Ruzhou honored for supporting the disabled      2011-09-21
On August 18, Ruzhou municipal federation of the disabled won the honorary title of advanced work unit for the disabled in the province during the 11th Five-Year Plan period at the provincial disabled working conference.

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