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Ruzhou's local fiscal revenue reaches nearly 1.2 billion in H1      2013-08-07
As of the end of June, Ruzhou's local fiscal revenue reached 1.18 billion yuan ($192.7 million), 140 million yuan greater than the same period last year and an increase of 13.4 percent.

Base-level social security benefits the people, promotes social harmony      2013-08-06
Recently, the county of Linru in the city of Ruzhou, Henan province, established a series of measures to benefit people's livelihood and promote social harmony. The measures seek to enhance social management, improve social supervision and implement a base-level social security policy.

Ruzhou hosted first education system psychotherapist training seminar      2013-07-31
The city of Ruzhou, Henan province held its first educational psychotherapist training seminar, on July 22, in the Party school's youth counseling center.

Yanglou Town doing everything it can to be ready for flood season      2013-07-31
The party committee and government officials react quickly and take effective measures actively to do the flood control work well and ensure the safety in the flood season, combined with the actual conditions.

Ruzhou strengthens cooperation between the public and police      2013-07-26
Ruzhou has launched a campaign focusing on increasing cooperation between the police and the general public - and has conducted training sessions on information collection and recording for police inspectors, household registration officers and community police, the Ruzhou Municipal Bureau of Public Security said on July 15.

Ruzhou begins to improve rural scientific strength      2013-07-25
Ruzhou, a city in western Henan province, was cited as a provincial distinguished science popularization demonstration city and rewarded 100,000 yuan ($16,300). The Mangchuan Banxi Persimmon Products Association in Ruzhou was awarded as a distinguished rural professional technology association.

China (Henan) IPR Assistance Center opens in Ruzhou      2013-07-24
Henan province got a new intellectual property rights (IPR) center in the city of Ruzhou, with an opening ceremony on July 10.

Ruzhou wants to increase its cultural services      2013-07-17
The city of Ruzhou, Henan province, has been looking for ways to help develop its cultural services.

BBK Group establishes bursary fund for Ruzhou students      2013-07-15
Henan (Mengchunshi) BBK Group set up a 1 million yuan ($163,000) bursary fund to help Ruzhou students fulfill their dreams.

Ruzhou helps sanitation workers avoid heatstroke      2013-07-15
The Ruzhou sanitation department helped more than 840 sanitation workers avoid heatstroke by dispensing summer cooling products.

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