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Henan constructs bridges for monkeys to cross river      2014-08-15
Two bridges will serve as a passage for macaque monkeys to migrate over the Qinhe river in Jiyuan, Central China's Henan province.

Rise and fall of Henan village in Beijing      2014-08-06
Outside the northern fifth ring road in Changping district is Dongxiaokou village, the largest waste collection and distribution center in suburban Beijing.

Ruzhou high school students join science camp      2014-08-05
Ruzhou city, Henan province, sent five senior high school students to the national science camp at Northwestern Polytechnical University, where they visited the space materials lab, unmanned aerial vehicle lab and had first-hand experience of aircraft manufacturing.

Henan drought worst in 63 years      2014-07-31
Henan is experiencing its worst drought since 1951, with villagers in Ruzhou, a city in the midwest of the province, drawing lots to take water from wells, Zhengzhou Evening News reported on Wednesday.

Water Diversion tunnels run through the Yellow River      2014-07-29
South-to-North Water Diversion in central China's Henan province delivers water from the Yellow River's south bank to its north bank through two tunnels at the bottom of the river.

Shaolin: Fists of fame      2014-07-28
Ancient temple riding a wave of global interest in its style of kung fu.

Dengfeng opens arms to kung fu students from US      2014-07-28
Dengfeng, a small and quiet city in Henan province that is home to the Shaolin Temple, has been busy with the arrival of high school students from the United States who want to learn kung fu.

Shaolin: Fists of fame      2014-07-28
University student Maxim Kojevnikoff is visiting Shaolin Temple for the fourth time.

Henan opera exhibition starts in Beijing      2014-07-15
A newly adapted Yu Opera premiered in Beijing on July 14, marking the beginning of an exhibition for outstanding Henan drama. The exhibition will last for 10 days.

Shaolin Monastery welcomes Russian disciples      2014-07-09
Seventy-one Russian Shaolin disciples made a pilgrimage to the Shaolin Monastery, a Buddhist temple on Mount Song, in Henan province.

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