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Ruzhou utilizes comprehensive methods to consume straw
( chinadaily.com.cn )
Updated: 2012-08-27

Three villages in Qiling town of Ruzhou have signed a partnership agreement with Qishi Energy Co. Ltd. They will cooperate to build a factory to condense straw to make fertilizer.

Qiling has made great efforts to make full use of straw in a comprehensive manner and ease the load of burning straw. It encouraged its villages to cooperate with companies in order to compress, ammoniate and store straw, as well as transform it into carbon. At present, three villages in Qiling have qualified to cooperate with Qishi Energy in this regard. According to the agreement, Qishi will provide the factory with straw compression molding machines and technological guidance. It is also expected to purchase the finished products at an agreed price and in a timely manner.

According to an environmental officer, Qiling has done a good job in utilizing straw through fertilizer production, ammoniating and silage. It is estimated that more than 20,000 mu (1,333 hectares) of straw has been used in these ways. In addition, straw recycling and livestock farming in mountainous areas has also played a role. Eighty-five percent of 37,000 mu of straw has been used comprehensively. At present, six villages in the town have established straw compression factories.

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