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Ruzhou electric power bureau wins honorary title in excellence activity
( chinadaily.com.cn )
Updated: 2012-08-15

The Ruzhou electric power bureau won an honorary title as an advanced unit in the "commitment to excellence" activity held by provincial electric power companies. It is the only electric power-supply unit to get such an honor from the Pingdingshan agricultural electric power system in Henan province.


Due to historical reasons, 16 administrative villages in Xiaotun have been afflicted with dilapidated electric grids and unstable voltage. The electric power industrial company organized 40 staffers to form a "party member task force" after receiving the task to repair the electric grid. Within two months, they renovated 63.58 kilometers of 10kV lines, established 63 distribution areas, and renovated 171.41 kilometers of 400kV lines. In total, they have provided 10,876 families in 16 administrative villages of Xiaotun and Jiliao with stable electric power.

The "party member task force" also went to Neixiang in Nanyang for flood-prevention work in 2010. Since the upgrade and renovation of new agricultural electric grids started, the team has given the administrative distribution network a new appearance within two months. Ruzhou was conferred as a B-level electrification county by the Henan Provincial Development and Reform Committee.


In order to maximize the "commitment to excellence" activity, the party committee of the Ruzhou electric power bureau has formed three "1+1" platforms. The platforms include a team with a grass-roots station, an outstanding party member and party enthusiast, and a business cadre with a greenhand.

The Ruzhou electric power bureau provides follow-up services to meet the electric power demand of newly-built enterprises. It will dispatch several party members to provide technical and human support for enterprises and listen to their demands and suggestions. They will also check the potential dangers of electric power and ensure the safety of all the electronic appliances.


In the "commitment to excellence" activity, party members presented positive images. Zhao Zhenxi, a village electrician in the Dayu electric power supply station, has served more than 460 households in five administrative villages for 23 years. He is highly praised by villagers for his excellent and timely service. Chen Bingbing, a village electrician in the Wenquan electric power supply station, was rated as an outstanding village electrician by the State Grid Corporation of China in 2011.


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