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Mechanical corn harvesting exhibition held in Ruzhou
( chinadaily.com.cn )
Updated: 2012-08-20

The mechanical corn harvesting exhibition of 2012 was held by the Ruzhou municipal agricultural machinery bureau in Guaili village in Gulou on August 9. Zhang Jianqi, the vice mayor of Ruzhou, along with other leaders attended the exhibition.

During the exhibition, more than 10 corn combines of different types demonstrated the process of harvesting corn. Technicians from the Jintian Agricultural Machinery Company introduced the characteristics of these corn combines in a very detailed manner. People were acquainted with more information about mechanical corn harvesting and the comprehensive utility of hay. Audiences showed a growing interest in these machines.

According to technicians from the agricultural machinery bureau, the popularization of mechanical corn harvesting will not only ease the load on farmers and avoid damage from natural disasters, but also broaden planting areas and increase output. Agricultural experts estimate that output will increase 5 kilograms per mu if an extra day is given to grow corn. If the technology is adopted, corn can grow for 10-15 more days. Thus, the output per mu will increase by 50 kilograms. At the same time, mechanical corn harvesting will promote the effective use of hay and increase farmer income. It is an important measure to develop a circular economy and improve people's livelihood.

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