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Ruzhou: bringing love and care to nursing homes
By Liu Yiyi ( chinadaily.com.cn )
Updated: 2015-01-05

Niu Junyang, the owner of Fenghuangshan Ecological Park in Jiaocun town, Ruzhou city, brought a truck of pumpkins to Ruzhou Nursing Home in the urban area of the city.

"Junyang is famous for growing fruit and vegetables. He did not forget to respect the elder residents after he became successful. His good will makes us moved," said the director of the nursing home.

Niu visited nursing homes in Jiaocun town, Zhifang town, and Ruzhou city and brought a total weight of 1,000 kilograms of pumpkins to the elderly residents.

The weather in Ruzhou was sunny, and the elderly residents in the nursing homes felt the warmth brought by Niu.

When he visiting the nursing homes, some of the elderly residents were walking relaxed in the yard and some of them were sunbathing.

Realizing Niu was bringing pumpkins to them, the elderly residents came around and together helped Niu to unload them. They were occupied with happiness and smiles.

Ruzhou: bringing love and care to nursing homes

An elderly resident in a nursing home in Ruzhou happily helps to unload the pumpkins brought by Niu Junyang. [Provided to China Daily]

"This year, I not only grew peaches, but also grew a total of 80 mu of pumpkins. I harvested a great number of pumpkins this year. The New Year is coming, I bring these pumpkins to the elderly people in the nursing home for them to taste. It is said that the pumpkins are good for elderly people's lives," said Niu, when unloading them.

Niu was born in the Wanli village of Jiaocun town. He has contracted hundreds of mu of land to grow fruit such as peaches. He also established the Fenghuangshan Agricultural Ecological Park, which has received positive economic and social benefits.

He was elected to be the most beautiful migrant worker of Ruzhou city in the just launched most beautiful Ruzhou people contest.

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