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Ruzhou welcomes the first National Constitution Day
By Liu Yiyi ( chinadaily.com.cn )
Updated: 2014-12-19

Ruzhou's government organized a total of 88 departments and institutions to launch events on popularizing laws at the Ruzhou Workers' Center, in order to welcome the first National Constitution Day on Dec 4.

All the participating departments and institutions positioned banners and boards at the site to popularize laws. The banners and boards broadcast information on the Constitution, which attracted a great many residents to read and learn.

A total of 68 departments directly under the municipal government, such as Ruzhou Municipal People's Court and Ruzhou Municipal Justice Bureau, set up law consulting stands, sent flyers, answered residents' questions, and publicized knowledge on laws to residents on site.

The theme of Ruzhou's National Constitution Day's events was Promoting the spirit of the Constitution and Constructing China as a state of law.

Apart from the Constitution, the events also publicized information on laws and regulations in different industries, for example the law on safety in production, the law on pricing, the law on administrative review, the law on livestock raising, the law on public security punishment, the law on the protection of the disabled, and the law on accounting.

A total of three arches, 66 banners, 126 boards, 69 law consulting stands, and three stands exhibiting forged and faked commodities were set along the road outside the Ruzhou Workers' Center, stretching for around two kilometers.

In addition, a total of 16 sub-venues were set up in counties, villages, and communities to hold law popularizing events to broadcast information on the law through banners, boards, consulting stands, flyers, and mobile publicity vans’ loudspeakers.

Moreover, Yang Changpo, the head of Ruzhou municipal people's court led 46 judges in a pledge in front of the Constitution in the first courtroom at 2:30 p.m. everyday.

Li Yunping, Ruzhou's vice party chief, Peng Qingwang, standing member of the Ruzhou Municipal Party Committee and the director of Ruzhou's Politics and Law Committee, Yang Yingwu, vice mayor of Ruzhou city, and Cui Xinfa, vice director of Ruzhou Municipal People's Congress Standing Committee attended the law popularizing events.

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