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Henan caps expenses for govt meetings
By AN BAIJIE ( chinadaily.com.cn )
Updated: 2014-04-17

Expenses for provincial government meetings must be less than 500 yuan ($80.4) for each person in an effort to boost frugality, according to a regulation from Henan province.

During provincial conferences, the costs must be less than 100 yuan for each person's food, less than 300 yuan for each participant's accommodation and less than 100 yuan for other expenses, including transportation, the regulation states.

Henan caps expenses for govt meetings

Anti-graft crackdown

The move is intended to save public money and increase the efficiency of public funds, Zhengzhou Evening News reported.

The provincial government also banned providing flowers at conference venues, buying souvenirs using public funds and drinking alcohol at public banquets, the report said.

To further save on conference expenses, the government encourages new meeting forms, including television, telephone and online video conferences, the report said.

The provincial government's regulation is in line with the "eight-point" rules put forward by the Communist Party of China Central Committee, which urge government officials to get close to the people through cleaning up undesirable work styles including extravagance and hedonism.

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