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Ruzhou vocational secondary school holds on-campus job fair to boost employment
( chinadaily.com.cn )
Updated: 2012-06-08

The Ruzhou vocational secondary school held an on-campus job fair for 2012 graduates at its campus on June 8. Over one-hundred animal husbandry, veterinary and kindergarten teaching students attended the job fair.

Over forty enterprises attended the fair, including Hunan Tianxin Stock Raising Co Ltd, Henan Nursing Biological Pharmaceutical Industry Co Ltd, and Ruzhou Sanyuan Stockbreeding Co Ltd. Thanks to the job fair, over sixty students signed employment agreements with employing units.

The vocational secondary school has shifted its role from organizer to introducer by holding job fairs and making employing units closer to the campus. This method enabled the students and the employing units to exchange directly, thereby releasing employment pressures and winning praises from both sides.

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