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Ruzhou: continued efforts to standardize medical market
Updated: 2012-06-04

To standardize the order of the medical market and crack down on unlicensed medical practice, the public health bureau of Ruzhou will continue to supervise and check cancelled clinics on Fumin Street.

On July 3, the director of the public health bureau along with law enforcement personnel carried out an inspection on the street.

While examining an unlicensed clinic, the personnel found that the name of the clinic had been replaced with “XX store”. The salesman told them repeatedly that the clinic had been closed for many days without any medical practice. However, the personnel discovered three prescriptions on the table and one automatic drug-decocting machine behind the traditional Chinese medicine cupboard. Seeing these, they immediately wrote a letter to cease operations, issued a ban order, and confiscated the medical equipment.

It is reported that 33 medical law enforcement personnel equipped with nine law enforcement vehicles dealt with four illegal medical outlets, cancelled four operations, confiscated one box of drugs, one set of automatic drug-decocting machine and 138 prescriptions.

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