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Sheng Guang Group extends greetings to orphans
( chinadaily.com.cn )
Updated: 2012-01-17

On Jan 1, Sheng Guang Group sent 30,000 yuan worth of gifts, including rice, flour, edible oil, pork, and milk powder, to 198 cerebral palsy orphans at Jingeng Recovery Hospital in Ruzhou city.

In the morning, Zhou Yunjie, chairman of the group, and other senior executives visited the ward of the cerebral palsy orphans, accompanied by leading officials of the hospital. In the ward, Zhou talked about the kids' lives, treatment and recuperation with the staff workers.

Jingeng Recovery Hospital is the cerebral palsy children recovery center of Henan province as designated by the Provincial Handicapped League. The Tomorrow Plan leading group office of the Ministry of Civil Affairs approved the contract hospital for the recovery of cerebral palsy children in the province. So far, the hospital has received 605 cerebral palsy orphans from welfare institutes, including 198 fostered by welfare societies from across the country.

Edited by Fu Bo and Rakhee

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