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Ruzhou lays cornerstone for new expressway
( chinadaily.com.cn )
Updated: 2012-01-17

On Dec 28, Ruzhou held a ceremony at Xuzhuang village, Mimiao town, to celebrate the laying of the foundation stone for the Dengfeng-Ruzhou section of the Jiaozuo-Tongbai Expressway.

The Dengfeng-Ruzhou section, a local trunk line in Henan province, is a milestone in Ruzhou expressway construction. The city hopes to build it into a first-class project facilitating regional cooperation, promoting Central Plain economic construction, and improving local people's livelihood. The expressway is expected to contribute to exchanges and win-win cooperation and rejuvenation of the province.

As a key component of Jiaozuo-Tongbai Expressway, the Dengfeng-Ruzhou section goes through Dengfeng and Ruzhou cities for a length of 55.72 kilometers. It is constructed into four lanes with a 3.483 billion yuan investment.

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