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Ruzhou Ceramics Association set up
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Updated: 2012-01-06

On Dec 13, the unveiling ceremony of the Ruzhou Ceramics Association and the opening ceremony of Yusong Ru Porcelain Treasure House were held. Wang Aichun, the Vice Director-General of the China Ceramics Industrial Association and President of Ceramics and Glass Industries Association of Henan province, and Zhang Yubiao, the President of Henan province Arts and Crafts Institute along with other officias attended the ceremony.

Ru porcelain is an important component of China's ceramic culture. Over the past few years, Ruzhou has held various events including the 1st China (International) Ru Porcelain Culture Festival, Firing Skill Contest on China's Porcelains, Summit on the Inheritance and Development of China's Porcelains and the Ru Porcelain into Taiwan. Ruzhou won the honor of China's Famous Kiln and the Home of Top Porcelain this year. All of this helped spread the culture of Ru's porcelain and improved the status of contemporary Ruzhou kilns.

Ruzhou's head of party publicity department Zhao Hongli points out that the establishment of the ceramics association is the first in Ruzhou's ceramic industry. Ruzhou will try its best to integrate the traditional crafts and fashion elements while developing a conservation-oriented and technology-based ceramic industry, so as to promote the sustainable expansion of the ceramic industry.

Edited by Fu Bo and Rakhee

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