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Ruzhou completes the rural free film screening
( chinadaily.com.cn )
Updated: 2012-01-06

By Nov 15, the Ruzhou Film Corporation had screened a total of 5,244 rural free films and fulfilled the whole year's task.

The rural free film screening is an important channel to enrich farmers' spiritual and cultural lives. The film company organized pre-post trainings for the operation and theory for workers. Screening plans included one film per month for one village. In the case of insufficient screening equipment or during peak periods, the company cancelled the holidays and increased evening screenings.

The company has trained and reserved a large number of qualified screening workers. Moreover, the company strengthened the supervision over the process to ensure high-quality film screening.

In addition to the outstanding films, Ruzhou Film Corporation also showed 100 disease prevention and 500 land law films.

Edited by Fu Bo and Rakhee

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