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Ruzhou signs for development of ceramics and tourism
( chinadaily.com.cn )
Updated: 2011-11-25

At the 2011 China • Jingdezhen International Ceramics Expo, Guo Jie, vice mayor of Ruzhou, signed the Jingdezhen Declaration of Integrated Development of Ceramics and Tourism on behalf of the city.

In the future, Ruzhou city will cooperate with Jingdezhen of Jiangxi province, Longquan of Zhejiang province, Liling of Hunan province, and other ceramics producing areas to jointly promote the healthy development of the ceramics and tourism industries.

The declaration proposes to put ceramics and tourism as strategic elements of economic development in the ceramics producing areas. The ceramics producing areas will actively promote mutual benefits and the coordinated development of the ceramics and tourism industries. They will analyze market demands to formulate special development modes with local characteristics.

During the expo, Ruzhou staff workers made the most of all opportunities to promote the Ruzhou ceramics industry and tourism resources. They impressed the participants of the expo with Well-endowed Region, Charming Ruzhou, a tourism and city promotional film. At the same time, the city presented hundreds of Ruzhou porcelains and 4,000 copies of travel pamphlets at the expo.

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