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Four-star spa hotel now open to guests
By Chen Zhilin ( chinadaily.com.cn )
Updated: 2011-07-06

Four-star spa hotel now open to guests
Night view of the exterior of the Sanmao Spa Resort Hotel, Henan province.

Four-star spa hotel now open to guests
Standard room at the Sanmao Spa Resort Hotel, in Ruzhou, Henan province.

There is a new four-star spa hotel to cater to visitors with high expectations in Ruzhou, Henan province — the Sanmao Spa Resort Hotel.

 This is Ruzhou's first multifunctional spa hotel, filling a blank spot in the city's top end spa business as customer needs grow along with the economy.

This new hotel has more than 100 rooms and provides spa, entertainment, and catering services along with the traditional accommodation, all been built to four-star standards.

And the good news is that these top facilities and services do not necessarily come with a high price tag, which may come as somewhat of a surprise.

The general manager of the hotel explains, "The total cost a standard room, a hot spring spa, and a breakfast buffet is only 56 yuan ($8.7), something that would be hard to get, even for 150 yuan ($23.2), in other cities."

The hotel hopes to provide guests with the highest quality services at an affordable prices so that a broader range of people can enjoy the spa culture.

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