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Ruzhou creates new source of energy
By Fu Bo ( chinadaily.com.cn )
Updated: 2011-05-17

"The straw compressive particles have great value. They burn like coal, but are cheaper and more environmentally friendly." said a principal of Ruzhou Cement Plant during an interview on May 2, 2011.

The straw compressive particles, recycled from the straw of corn and wheat, were created by Henan Qiushi New Energy Co., Ltd. They can serve as green fuel for living and production with high efficiency.

The vice manager of Henan Qiushi New Energy Co., Ltd, said the two-ton steam boiler of Ruzhou Cement Plant consumes more than two tons of coal each day. By replacing coal with the straw compressive particles, the company saved ten thousand yuan per month. Compared to a ton of standard coal, one ton of straw compressive particles emits 1,360kg less carbon dioxide and 6.5kg less sulfur dioxide. Furthermore, the ashes can be used as an efficient potash fertilizer.

Henan Qiushi New Energy Co.Ltd is located in Yanglou Town in Ruzhou. It was established by Wen Mingqing, a Ruzhou local, in April 2010 with a registered capital of ten million yaun. Henan Qiushi New Energy Co., Ltd, is the production base of straw compressive particles with the largest production capacity. The products sold well in Zhuhai, Shunde, Dongguan, Foshan of Guangdong province, Hangzhou, Jiaxing of Zhejiang province.

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