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City's construction,Education, Healthcare
( China Daily )
Updated: 2010-09-14

The city’s construction changes with each passing day. Eleven main roads spread across the city, and a wide range of public facilities are available. Ruzhou is the first county-level city to use gas pipes in Henan province. There are 110,000 mobile phone users and 160,000 program-controlled telephones. Wireless local calls and access to the Internet have helped to build a safe and efficient modern communications network. The municipal sewage is dealt with in an industrialized way. The city is becoming greener, brighter, and cleaner, with 24% green coverage. The appearance of the city has changed greatly, and residents’ working and living environments have been remarkably improved.

Ruzhou has witnessed a rapid development in social improvement. There are 595 schools of various types in the city, with 8,965 teachers. The total number of scientists and engineers is 9,437. Ruzhou provides complete medical institutions. There are 28 general and specialist hospitals, equipped with 1,449 professional healthcare providers. The municipal Chinese Medical Hospital is honored as one of the nation’s model hospitals. In addition, Ruzhou has made great achievements in areas such as culture, tourism, sports, television and broadcasting. It has won a large number of accolades, including the title of “Home of Martial Arts.” Social institutions have developed in tandem with the economy.


 About Ruzhou