The Gaze of Losana Buddha

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Updated: 2015-12-08

Editor's Note: Hundreds of people visit Longman Grottoes and specially Losana Buddha every day. And everyone finds one or other reason of sense of belonging to one of the greatest statues of the world. Here we are sharing an anonymous poetry, which finds mystery in the gaze of the statue and compares it with some of the greatest mysteries of the world.

In the dim light of dawn, the old Yi River glittered at the foot of the silent mountains. On the misty hillside beside the river, grand and looming, the statue of Losana Buddha seemed to have just come from heaven.

When the sun was rising and the mist was gone, I was able to see the clear appearance of Losana Buddha in the holy light.

I peered at Losana Buddha and her mystical eyes.

The Gaze of Losana Buddha

A close view of the Losana Buddha in Longmen Grottoes [Photo / Longmen Grottoes on WeChat]

What people could always feel is tenderness in her eyes.

Being soft and warm, the motherly look could melt ice and comfort wounds in people's heart with affection. Like kids who want affection from their mothers, people long for staying by her to tell her their grievance, misery, helplessness and dreams.

However, beyond these is her aloofness.

She is beyond the real world and seems to overlook a remote and happy scenario with her supreme and firm gaze.

She is also beyond the carnal world of secularity and utility.

The Gaze of Losana Buddha

The golden Losana Buddha in the sunset glow [Photo / Longmen Grottoes on WeChat]

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