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Sanmenxia-made wheel hubs used in Xpeng Motors EVs2018-08-17

The wheel hubs produced by Sanmenxia Dicastal Wheel Manufacturing has recent been applied to Xiaopeng G3 cars, China's first internet-based smart electric vehicle (EV) developed by EV startup Xpeng Motors.

Sanmenxia sees strong results in finance and talent2018-05-28

The "Financial and Intellectual Resources" Promotion Conference & Projects Signing Ceremony opened in Sanmenxia, Henan province on May 25.

Sanmenxia to ramp up their efforts in business attractions2017-08-23

Authorities of the Sanmenxia Urban-Rural Integration Demonstration Zone have urged relevant departments to increase their efforts in business attractions.

Annual specialty commodity expo to return to Sanmenxia2018-05-18

The sixth China Specialty Products Fair will be held in Sanmenxia, Henan province from May 25 to 29. Sanmenxia has been selected as the permanent host of the annual event.

Sanmenxia enterprises seal deals at intl trade fair2018-04-18

The opening ceremony of the 12th China Henan International Investment & Trade Fair was held at the Zhengzhou International Conference & Exhibition Center on April 17.

The 6th China Specialty Products Fair sees record sales2018-06-01

The 6th China Specialty Products Fair was held at the International Wenbo Exhibition Center in Sanmenxia, Henan province from May 25-29.

Industrial growth in 20172018-03-19

Since 2017, Sanmenxia has continued to expand its supply-side structural reforms and optimize its industrial structure. Its industrial economy has maintained overall stability and achieved steady progress.

Agriculture in 20172018-03-19

Under the leadership of the municipal government, Sanmenxia implemented the guiding principles of the central and provincial rural work conferences in 2017.

Xi'an and Sanmenxia join hands in business2018-01-24

An economic forum was held in Xi'an, Shaanxi province on Jan 21 to further relations between Xi'an and Sanmenxia.

Sanmenxia scores big in sales at Beijing commodity fair2017-12-20

Sanmenxia's enterprises received high praise and high sales for 30 products at the featured commodity fair in Beijing, held from Dec 14 to 17.

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