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Sanmenxia teenagers tour South Korea city

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Updated: 2018-08-28

A delegation of 300 teenagers from the city of Sanmenxia, Henan province recently travelled to Dongducheon in South Korea for an international exchange activity.

Invited by the Dongducheon municipal government, more than 300 teenagers and their parents from Sanmenxia of China, Dongducheon of South Korea and Vietnam attended the 8th Korean International Youth Cultural and Arts Festival, which was co-hosted by the Dongducheon municipal government and the Dongducheon Youth Development Association.

Sanmenxia teenagers tour South Korea city

Teenagers from China, South Korea and Vietnam take part in the 8th Korean International Youth Cultural and Arts Festival. [Photo by Shang Wen/ismx.cn]

The delegation from Sanmenxia showcased supremely choreographed performances such as traditional Chinese opera shuixiu, or water sleeves, a pipa (a four-stringed Chinese instrument) solo, and Xinjiang folk dance, drawing rounds of applause and praise from the audiences.

With a series of exchange activities including visiting middle and high schools, enjoying excellent orchestral performances and experiencing Korean daily life, the delegation also paid a visit to the Youth Palace and the Seoul Aquarium. The activities were eye-opening and enlightening for the teenagers.

Hailing from Sanmenxia, a sister city of Dongducheon, the students have been invited to perform at the Dongducheon International Youth Festival since 2011, which has given them a great opportunity to communicate with their South Korea peers and improve their ability to adapt to a new environment.

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