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Escape the summer heat in Sanmenxia

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Updated: 2018-07-25

The Western Henan Grand Canyon in Sanmenxia is witnessing a growing number of tourists with the arrival of tourist season. The water rapids, packed with rafts captained by tourists wanting to escape the summer heat, are especially popular.

Escape the summer heat in Sanmenxia
Tourists brave the whitewater rapids. [Photo/yxdxg.com]

Located in western Henan Province, the canyon is a comprehensive tourism destination integrating waterfalls, canyons, rafting, flowers, and a health resort. Winding its way from west to east for over 30 kilometers, the long and remote canyon is home to 99 waterfalls and more than 300 ponds.

Developed in 2004, the canyon was named the first national 4A level scenic spot in Sanmenxia in 2007. The scenic spot is focused on improving its infrastructure and services, and has attracted a total of 128,000 visitors, including 100,000 whitewater rafters, from all over the country since the beginning of summer.

Escape the summer heat in Sanmenxia
Refreshing scenery provides visitors an escape from bustling city life. [Photo/yxdxg.com]
Escape the summer heat in Sanmenxia
Picturesque views make the canyon feel like a wonderland. [Photo/yxdxg.com]


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