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Sanmenxia sees strong results in finance and talent

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Updated: 2018-05-28

Sanmenxia sees strong results in finance and talent

Participants attend the promotion conference on May 25. [Photo by Li Jia/cri.cn]

The "Financial and Intellectual Resources" Promotion Conference & Projects Signing Ceremony opened in Sanmenxia, Henan province on May 25. A total of 85 economic cooperation projects were signed, with investment reaching 46.54 billion yuan ($7.3 billion).

Sanmenxia is making great strides in innovative development and building a prosperous, well-rounded society. The times is ripe for Sanmenxia to make the most of all available resources, according to Liu Nanchang, secretary of the Sanmenxia Municipal Party Committee.

The conference seeks to consolidate and expand cooperative achievements and deepen exchange between Sanmenxia and emerging industries and talent resources. The aim is to provide an engine for the transformation of innovative development, said Liu.

Among the 85 projects, 11 are valued at over one billion yuan, registering a total investment of 21.95 billion yuan. There are 14 projects in the primary industry with a total investment of 5.58 billion yuan, accounting for 12 percent of the total contracted amount, 21 in the secondary industry worth 9.89 billion yuan, accounting for 21.2 percent, and 50 in the tertiary industry worth 31.07 billion yuan, accounting for 66.8 percent.

Projects cover industries such as agricultural and sideline products processing, equipment manufacturing, cultural tourism, commercial and trade service, energy and chemical and non-ferrous metals.

Sanmenxia sees strong results in finance and talent

Representatives sign agreements for economic cooperation projects on May 25. [Photo by Li Jia/cri.cn]

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